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Stronger, durable and environment-friendly concrete engineered with graphene

There is a constant drive for the development of ultrahigh-performance multifunctional construction materials by the modern engineering technologies. These materials have to exhibit enhanced durability and mechanical performance and have to incorporate functionalities that satisfy multiple uses in order to […]

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Are gums produced in the factory? Quantification of gums isolated from mixed juice and final molasses*

Abstract Gummy massecuites in sugar factories are associated with exhaustion problems in pans and inefficient purging in centrifuges. Gums originate in stale cane because of microbial activity during burn/harvest-to-crush delays, especially in the rainy season, but are also thought to […]

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Boiler waters

Boiler waters namely feed water (FW), the water supplied to, and boiler water (BW) the water contained inside boilers are a vast, complicated topic. In many sugarcane factories the management of FW and BW is handled by specialised organisations with […]